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Founder's Note

Why Umano?

Having volunteered for over a decade within the leadership circle of some of the world’s largest charitable organizations, I have realized — unless we change the way we relate to others, charity alone cannot address the magnitude of the challenges the world faces today.

We have worked extensively to alleviate poverty and related socio-economic issues, yet we not only still see tremendous pain and suffering but also fear new global threats to our common future.

I seek to explore the concept of driving sustainable change through empathy. I believe it is only through empathy that we can truly learn to love other humans, be compassionate to animals and respectful to our planet.

To inspire empathy and motivate change, Umano was born.

Azhar Hameed

Founder Umano

Looking Back

If we look back at 5000 years of the written history of humans, we see tremendous achievements in our socio-economic and technological areas. However, our record on tolerance, compassion, empathy and a general sense of goodwill towards “others” needs a serious upgrade—Umano (Humanity) 2.0.


While the need to have religious and non-religious -isms seems to be part of Human DNA, some were needed as a survival mechanism e.g. Tribalism. However, when needs or worse yet the greed of one group of people undermine the needs of others, we see both religion and politics misused to justify any means to achieve the desired end – self-preservation.

It is not a surprise that the world built on the paradigm of self-preservation at the individual level and promotion of extreme nationalism aka jingoism for political gains has created a world where 12% of its people use 80% of its resources and 1% of humans own over 50% of the total global wealth, whereas the rest fight for their day to day survival.


Umano stresses on identifying as a Human first, only then the world will see the end of suffering for all its inhabitants. To achieve our vision of a more blissful world for all, we plan on offering and organizing programs centred around mindfulness, awareness and awakening of human consciousness to promote core values of Umano 2.0 Manifesto.

Be a part of Umano 2.0 movement by participating in one of our awareness programs.

Umano — Change Through Empathy!
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