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Welcome Umano Volunteers

Welcome to Umano’s one-stop-shop webpage for current volunteers! We are so appreciative of the time and talent you give to help build empathy for humans, animals, and the environment.

On this internal page, you’ll find a one-stop-shop of information that is useful for current Umano volunteers. Let me know if you’d like anything else to be added.

Current volunteer documents

On-boarding documents

Refer a friend

Volunteer Hours Submission Form

Please use the form below to submit your volunteer hours on a monthly basis – an estimated total for the month is fine. These hours show to our funders and other supporters that people in the world care about our cause!

Form instructions:

  • Please fill this form in once per month. Use the last day of the month in the date field.
  • For contact info, you only need to fill in your name and email address.
  • Only complete the postal address section if you have moved.
  • If you have multiple volunteer roles, please submit the form for each role.
  • The form automatically records your entry into our database, which reduce administrative time for our team. However, if you’d prefer not to fill in the form, you’re welcome to email Vinyse with your hours.

Toolbox: Resources for Project Mentors and Skills Coaches

Project Mentors and Skills Coaches can refer to the list of resources on the Toolbox page of our website when assisting project partners. Please let us know if there are other resources that should be added to this list!

Volunteer Position Descriptions

Guiding Principles

Our 9 Guiding Principles are the core principles and practices that guide our own work, as well as what we seek in our collaborators, including volunteers: read them here

Volunteer Code of Conduct

All volunteers are required to agree to Umano’s Volunteer Code of Conduct by submitting a signed copy to the Vinyse: click to download

Current Volunteer Needs

We are currently recruiting volunteers for the roles below. If you’re interested in taking on a new role, please let Vinyse know. If you know someone who’d like to volunteer with Umano, please ask them to fill in the Volunteer Application Form on the volunteer page of our website. Thank you!

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