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Fundraise for Umano

Organize a Fundraiser

When you choose to Fundraise for Umano, you help to raise much-needed funds for global initiatives that build empathy, while having a great time with family and friends. It’s a win-win! 

YOU can make our world a more compassionate place for all!

Whether in-person or virtual, there are many ideas for you to make a difference. Get creative! Below are some ideas for all ages to help get you started that are fun for our fellow humans, and kind to our animal friends as well as our planet.

 Fundraising Ideas

In lieu of gifts to celebrate a birthday, wedding, anniversary, retirement, or other special occasion, ask your family and friends to give the gift of empathy with a personalized donation to Umano.

Throw a dinner party or vegan food tasting event and ask people to give a minimum donation to attend. Consider having a virtual potluck and gathering with friends from near and far to raise funds for Umano.

The best thing about a games night fundraiser is that people of all ages and all levels of skill can participate. Whether virtual or in-person, a games night fundraiser works for everyone!

Walkathons are great, peer-to-peer fundraising events! They encourage healthy living, are fun, affordable, accessible, and build community. Umano can help set up an online fundraising campaign to start your event off on the right foot!

Spin your wheels while making a difference! With the popularity of cycling on the rise, it’s easy to get motivated and inspired to organize a bikeathon, whether outdoors or indoors.

Runs are a timeless way to raise money for your favorite cause. Lace up, pick a theme and/or unusual location, and dress up in costumes to make your run stand out and up the fun factor. We can help with your online peer-to-peer fundraising.

Get outside with your furry companion and walk or run in support of Umano’s initiatives to build a kinder world for animals. A paw-a-thon walk is a fun-filled opportunity for guardians to bond with their families as well as to mingle with other animal-loving families.

Create a scavenger hunt where people donate to play and walk or bike to pre-assigned nearby locations and answer questions at each site, related to a theme such as the environment, local wildlife, or helpers in the community. 

Visit your closest shoreline or nearby park and clean up garbage, plastic and other trash. Participants can collect donations based on the time they spent cleaning up or the amount of trash and recycling collected. Have a friendly competition and have a contest for the most collected.

Reuse & recycle previously-loved items for a cause. Help eliminate items that end up in landfills while raising funds to support Umano’s efforts to build empathy for our beautiful planet.  Generate buzz around the event by promoting it on social media and on sites like Nextdoor.

Bake the world a better place! Choosing a fun theme for your bake sale can help make it more successful. Whenever possible, source ingredients found close to home and support local!  

A used book sale is another great way to raise funds without many overhead costs and is a great way to be kind to the environment. The key to success is to get plenty of books donated, which is often easy to do with many people having boxes of previously enjoyed books lying around in need of a new home.

An UnGala (or the non-gala gala) is a new fundraising trend that takes away the traditional hassle of a gala. It’s a great way to raise a lot of money quickly! Instead of purchasing tables or tickets, people can donate the amount they would have otherwise spent directly to your cause. Invite friends and families to give on their personal fundraising page, which we can help you set up.

Kamran on Bike

You choose how to support Umano’s work.

Designate your fundraising activities to one of the following:

Impact Fund

Provides funding, mentorship, and education to global initiatives that are solving global issues by building Holistic Empathy.

Storytelling Fund

Provides funding for our programs that inspire change through the power of storytelling, Umano Cinema and the Umano International Short Film Festival.

Empathy Fund

Provides funding to the impact and storytelling projects that have been identified as a priority for critical support.

We can help you to create your own fundraising page. You can then easily email the link to your friends, family, and colleagues and spread the word on social media.

For more information on how to get started fundraising for Umano, contact our Fundraising Lead, Kirsten at [email protected].


of your donation goes directly to support global initiatives.

All administrative and fundraising costs are generously funded by Umano’s founder.

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