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Kamran on Bike


We had hired out our land to our neighbor for cattle grazing. During a community outreach with Fabs, they told us about veganism and its advantages to the environment and animals. We were moved and decided to instead use the land to plant vegetables. We now sell the vegetables to our neighbors and have saved up some money that will be used as part of my tuition once schools open.

Karungi, 19 year old

I had such a memorable experience learning at Anak Alam Learning House. We play, we learn, we sing, we take care of our environment, we even learn about entrepreneurship. I hope Anak Alam Learning House can be more well-known, so this place can continue creating better generations of children for the world and unlock every potential we children have.

Ika – 17, student at Anak Alam Learning House

Being home during the pandemic was really tough on me. Fabs involved my mother and I in making mats and also connected us to potential customers. I am glad that despite being out of school, I am able to keep busy and support my mother to bring some money home.

Akampurira, 17 year old

Fabs Organisation to Rukungiri is an umbrella in the rain. To us women in Rukungiri, Fabs is a name that defines love, shelter and humanity

Agaba Maxensia, Chairperson – Women League

Kamran on Bike


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Kamran on Bike

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