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RISE Model

Our Framework

At Umano, our mission is to support initiatives that foster holistic empathy for humans, animals and the environment, with a vision of an empathic and compassionate world for all.

One of the ways we support initiatives is through mentorship and training for nonprofit leaders and social entrepreneurs around the world who share the mission of building holistic empathy. Our mentorship and training strategy uses the RISE Model, a framework we developed to help empathy-building changemakers run initiatives that are financially resilient and impactful.

What is RISE?



The primary way that Umano promotes holistic empathy is through our partners and collaborators. Helping nonprofits and social enterprises to expand their reach means that more people will learn about holistic empathy and consider the impact of their decisions on humans, animals, and the environment.

Increasing reach for a nonprofit or social enterprise includes scaling the number of people reached, expanding programs into other regions, or sharing best practices so that others can adapt the program in another location.



Nonprofits and social enterprises exist because their founders want to make a difference in the world. As such, they should be able to clearly define what impact they want to have, and they should be able to measure their impact through quantifiable metrics. 

While an initiative may primarily seek to solely benefit humans, animals, and or the environment, we are interested in the impact that programs have on all three. One of Umano’s Guiding Principles is that initiatives we support must do no harm to humans, animals and the environment



We recognize how challenging it is for nonprofits to continually have to seek donations and grants to sustain their programs. Umano encourages nonprofits to become more financially resilient by diversifying their revenue streams and/or creating a related social enterprise.

Some of our collaborators have created amazing enterprises that have provided them with a steady stream of income to fund their important nonprofit programs.


Empathy for Humans, Animals, and the Environment

The most important letter of our RISE framework! The well-being of humans, animals, and the environment are interconnected, and we believe that empathy for all is an essential solution to eliminating suffering in the world.

While nonprofits and social enterprises often seek to tackle issues facing humans, animals, or the environment, Umano enthusiastically challenges them to consider all three in the good work that they do. We provide tools, activities and resources to help initiatives incorporate holistic empathy-building into the work they do.

Learn more:

Mentorship Program

Our volunteer mentors help initiatives develop a plan for RISE.

Umano Impact Fund

We give grants and loans to initiatives who are achieving RISE.


We offer guides, templates and other tools to help initiatives develop a plan for RISE.



I pledge to think critically and with compassion about my relationship with animals 

- I will advance my knowledge about the sentience of animals
- I will research and consider my decisions to use products and support activities that abuse and exploit animals
- I will learn about what happens to animals in industrial farming, laboratories, zoos, circuses, and fashion
- I will abstain from participation in animal exploitation and educate others 

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I believe that Empathy can reduce suffering in the world, therefore I pledge that:

- I will make a conscious effort to enhance my empathetic abilities

- I will be mindful of my ego which can discourage my ability to relate to others

- I will stand and speak up for the well-being of humans, animals, and our planet

- I will align my thoughts, speech, and actions with the core principle of empathy

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