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Thank you for taking our survey!

We truly appreciate your time in completing our survey. Once the survey is closed, we will incorporate your feedback when seeking out new projects to fund. It’s also important to us to improve our donor and volunteer experience and communications based on what we’ve learned. Stay tuned for survey highlights!

Image of three children holding tree seedlings

Image courtesy of Trees for the Future

To celebrate your commitment to doing good for people, animals, and the environment, a tree will be planted as a way of saying thank you for completing our survey. We are proud to work with our partners at Trees for the Future to restore ecologies and economies around the globe.

There are many ways to get involved with Umano. Click on the buttons to learn more:

Change starts with you! All the decisions we make have an impact on our fellow humans, our animal friends, and the environment. Together we can make a kinder and more compassionate world. Our goal is to inspire 1,000 acts of empathy.

We love hearing from you! Email [email protected] with any suggestions, questions, or concerns.

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