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Tools to Achieve RISE

We have developed a toolbox of resources to help nonprofits and social enterprises with their plan to achieve RISE.  These resources are for anyone, anywhere, and not limited to projects that participate in our Mentorship Program!

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RISE Downloads

Umano RISE Model – Guide

Umano RISE Model – Template



I pledge to think critically and with compassion about my relationship with animals 

- I will advance my knowledge about the sentience of animals
- I will research and consider my decisions to use products and support activities that abuse and exploit animals
- I will learn about what happens to animals in industrial farming, laboratories, zoos, circuses, and fashion
- I will abstain from participation in animal exploitation and educate others 

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I believe that Empathy can reduce suffering in the world, therefore I pledge that:

- I will make a conscious effort to enhance my empathetic abilities

- I will be mindful of my ego which can discourage my ability to relate to others

- I will stand and speak up for the well-being of humans, animals, and our planet

- I will align my thoughts, speech, and actions with the core principle of empathy

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