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Stories That Inspire

Stories inspire us to be more empathic and generous. They help us connect with others and understand new perspectives. Storytelling can build bridges between communities, as they can help positively alter our attitudes and opinions. To learn how stories affect our brains, often for the better, check out this video on the neurochemistry of storytelling and empathy.

As part of our work to build Holistic Empathy we have supported the following storytelling initiatives.

Be a Changemaker

Umano is harnessing the power of compassion by encouraging Holistic Empathy – taking humans, animals, and the environment into consideration. Be a changemaker, and join our #ActsOfEmpathy campaign.

A Checkered Past

Narrated by Joaquin Phoenix and Rooney Mara, A Checkered Past follows the plight of 42 chimpanzees who found themselves in need of a home when Wildlife Waystation unexpectedly closed. Directed by Earthlings Director, Shaun Monson, and funded by Umano.


Joaquin Phoenix is reunited at Farm Sanctuary with the calf and her mother who he helped liberate from a Los Angeles slaughterhouse. Directed by Earthlings Director, Shaun Monson, and funded by Umano.

Kahani Meri – The Story of Kaavan

Kahani Meri is a song based on the true story of Kaavan, the world’s loneliest elephant. After spending 35 years of his life in chains at Islamabad Zoo, Kaavan found freedom at a sanctuary in Cambodia. Kahani Meri is our first in-house endeavor to highlight the story of animal exploitation, primarily focusing on the plight of millions of animals worldwide in captivity. You can play your part to become a voice for those who have no voice.

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